Three for Joy, Performing for the Grace Fisher Foundation Winter Showcase 2021:
Boxing Reels by Jeremy Kittel
Arranged by Three for Joy

Three for Joy, Performing for the Grace Fisher Foundation Winter Showcase 2020:
J.S. Bach Goldberg Variation 1, arranged by Federico Sarudiansky, and Hanneke Cassel’s Ron Burgundy fiddle set (The Glass Case of Emotion, Sweet Grandmother’s Spatula), arranged by Three for Joy and Sean Wood, inspired by Hanneke Cassel’s performance.

Three for Joy, Festival of Lights, The Grotto, December 21, 2019



Three for Joy, Guest Performance with Celtic Spring, Redlands Bowl Aug 22 2017
“Giga de Tenerife” (Alasdair Fraser) / “Unseasonal Rain” (Nicholas Williams)
Arranged by Sean Wood

Three for Joy performing classical chamber music.

Three for Joy, Wedding Ceremony Music Sample, August 2019